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Kingston Historical Society, est. 1893

History of the KHS

Past Presidents

1893-94 Very Rev. Buxton B. Smith
1894-95 Rev. Samuel Houston
1895-96 Dr. J. L. H. Neilson
1896-97 Dr. R. T. Walkem. Q.C.
1897-98 Professor George D. Ferguson
1898-99 Professor Adam Shortt
1900-01 Dr. E. H. Smythe. Q.C.
1901-02 Rev. Conway Cartwright
1902-03 Dr. R. T. Walkem
1903-05 Col. M. H. Twitchell
1906-11 Dr. R. V. Rogers, K.C.
1911-12 J. M. Farrell, Esq.
1912-14 Rev. Canon G. L. Starr
1914-16 Professor G. D. Ferguson
1916-21 Rt. Rev. Edward J. Bidwell. Bishop of Ontario
1921-26 Major General Sir Archibald Macdonnell
1926-29 Professor Duncan A. McArthur
1929-32 H. F. Price. Esq.
1932-35 Professor D. A. McArthur
1935-41 Professor Reginald G. Trotter
1941-51 Lt-Col. Courtlandt M. Strange (Acting President)
1951-58 Lt.-Col. Courtlandt M. Strange
1958-61 Professor G. F. G. Stanley
1961-72 Lt.-Col. Louis J. Flynn
1972-74 Dr. Margaret Angus
1974-76 Mr. Bogart Trumpour
1976-78 Mr. Alan Cohoe
1978-80 Mr. Neil A Patterson
1980-82 Mrs. Isobel Trumpour
1982-84 Mr. Ray Haslewood
1984-86 Mrs. Anne MacDermaid
1986-88 Mr. Kevin Quinn
1988-90 Dr. Wallace G. Breck
1990-92 Mrs. Isobel Trumpour
1992-94 Mr. Frank Milledge
1994-96 Mr. J. W. Fitsell
1996-97 Mr. A.G. Boucher
1997-98 Major Louis Grimshaw
1998-2000 Dr. Desmond O'Meara
2000-02 Major Warren Everett
2002-05 Dr. Brian S. Osborne
2005-07 Mr. Maurice D. Smith
2007-09 Mr. Edward Grenda
2009-11 Mr. Alan MacLachlan
2011- Mr. Gordon Sinclair

Photo by Jennifer McKendry

Some past presidents of the Kingston Historical Society (in the back row, left to right) Lou Grimshaw and Bill Fitsell; (in the front row, left to right) Warren Everett, Isabel Trumpour, Brian Osborne and Desmond O'Meara.



The Kingston Historical Society Award, created in commemoration of the One-Hundredth Anniversary of the founding of the Kingston Historical Society in 1893, is presented from time to time to worthy individuals, groups or institutions in recognition of outstanding contributions to the preservation and interpretation of local history. See the list of past recipients and images from past ceremonies.
1993 Dr. W. Breck, historian, active member
Shirley Gibson-Langille, artist, active member
Dr George F.G. Stanley, historian, executive member
1994 Dr William Angus, historian, active member
Frederick A. McConnell, curator, historical animator, vice-president
Dr Richard A. Preston, historian, museologist, executive member
1995 Dr Margaret S. Angus, historian, author, government advisor
1996 Canadian Forces Communications & Electronics Museum
Margaret (Peggy) Cohoe, historian, teacher, active member
Gary Schultz, teacher, heritage fair organizer
1997 A.G. (Joe) Boucher, past-president (posthumous)
Isobel and Bogart Trumpour, past-presidents
1998 BGen William J. Patterson, author, historic site historian
Donald Redmond, editor Historic Kingston, librarian, executive member
Carol White, teacher, consultant history curricula
1999 J. William Fitsell, journalist, sports historian, past-president
Gordon D. Smithson, founding president Pittsburgh Historical Society, historian
2000 Cataraqui Cemetery Company, 150th anniversary
Marjorie Simmons, historian, genealogist, executive member
2001 George F. Henderson, archivist, past chair of 6 June ceremony
Maurice D. Smith, historian , museologist
2002 Cataraqui Archaeological Research Foundation, 25th anniversary
Dr Jennifer McKendry, architectural historian, author, active member
2003 Downtown Kingston! Business Improvement Area, advocate of building preservation
Ingbert J. Huber, retired master stone-cutter
Helmut L. Graf, retired master mason
2004 John d'Esterre, advocate for Kingston's maritime heritage
George Vosper, supporter of Kingston's heritage
Helen Coffey, longstanding service to the Society
2005 Kevin E. Reed, teacher, driving force behind KCVI War Memorial
Robert C. Cardwell, active in local historical and heritage groups and events
2006 The Kingston Whig Standard, in recognition of special Canada Day supplement The People Who Built Kingston
Ann Lukits, in recognition of major role in production The People Who Built Kingston
Patricia Fleming, author, preserver of local social history
2007 Kim Donavan, developer, preserver of historic buildings
Brian S. Osborne, geographer, author, advisor on heritage issues
John G. Pike, engineer, leader in national and local military museums
2008 Henk. W. Wevers, engineer, guardian of local marine heritage
Ken W. Watson, geologist, author, authority on Rideau Waterway
Peter Gower, teacher, volunteer on community heritage committees, compiler of local military service records
2009 Beatrice Margaret Corbett, author, guardian of local naval heritage
Arthur Britton Smith, author, philanthropic supporter of local heritage endeavours