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Bibliography of Kingston History

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This bibliography was written for An Illustrated Guide to Monuments, Memorials & Markers in the Kingston Area, published by the Kingston Historical Society. Publications on Kingston’s history are well covered; in addition, there are certain citations reflecting the general aspects of commemorative markers or the specific aspects of a particular marker.

The reader’s attention is particularly drawn to the annual publication of the Kingston Historical Society, Historic Kingston, “the most important of ongoing publications” and “a publication of impressive quality,” as characterized by Donald Swainson and Brian Osborne in Kingston: Building on the Past. Although the Kingston Historical Society published its Reports and Proceedings in 1923, it was not until 1952 that continuous publication of Historic Kingston began. The Society has published this journal, largely papers presented to the Society, on an annual basis since then. The first ten volumes (1952-1962) have been reprinted in one bound indexed volume - Historic Kingston (Belleville: Mika, 1974). To assist researchers, the volumes have been indexed at different stages: 1952-1972 (1973), 1973-1977 (1977), 1978-1985 (1985), 1986-1996 (1996). A partial list of the table of contents of Historic Kingston can be found on the Historic Kingston Table of Contents Page. Although selected articles have been listed below by author, there are many more on a variety of aspects of Kingston’s history. Past issues of Historic Kingston are available in various libraries such as the Kingston Public Library.

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