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Sir John A. Macdonald

"The writer of history would find that the influence of Sir John A Macdonald's career upon the political life of the country, and upon public opinion, has been greater and better, and of a nature that will prove more enduring, than that of any other Canadian statesman, whether dead or living. That sir John is a partyist it would be no use to deny; but there is no man in this country who more abhors the tyranny of party than he...Sir John always, and to a far greater extent than we could wish, sought to instill a feeling of loyalty among Canadians to the British empire; but he has also, more than any other Canadian statesman, taught us the duty of loyalty to ourselves. His doctrine seems to us to have been like this: My great wish is that Canada shall remain an ally to Great Britain, and I desire to see the same sentiment among our people; but to our own selves we must be true. We should be loyal to Great Britain; we must be loyal to Canada".

Life and Times of the Right Honourable Sir John A. Macdonald,
Premier of the Dominion of Canada by J.E Collins,


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